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Quick freezing tunnel production line

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What is a quick-freezing tunnel production line?

The quick-freezing tunnel production line is a large-scale quick-freezing machine suitable for large-scale processing and production of factory assembly lines, with strong quick freezing capability; simple operation and high degree of automation. The quick-freezing tunnel is suitable for industrial production mode of large batch, continuous, less humanized and larger area. It can be combined with other food lines to become an automatic line. In addition to the quick-freezing tunnel production line with large quick-freezing capacity, the company is also suitable for small and medium-sized production. Cabinet type liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine.

What are the benefits of using a quick-freezing tunnel production line?

The quick-freezing tunnel production line is used to quickly freeze food, and its production efficiency is higher per unit time, and quick freezing is more capable. The operation is simple and the degree of automation is high. It is suitable for use in basic foodstuffs and standardized foodstuffs. It is superior to traditional freezing methods, does not damage cell walls, does not lose tissue fluid, and maintains the original color, original flavor and original quality of food.

The quick freezing speed is extremely fast and the effect is excellent:

Due to the variety, size and thickness of the food, the general quick freezing time is within 5 minutes to 30 minutes. The quick freezing time is extremely fast, which reduces the dehydration and dry loss of food, and improves the texture, color and flavor of frozen food;

Short freezing time and high output:

The freezing speed is extremely fast, and the temperature is lowered by 7 to 15 ° C per minute, and the freezing speed is 30 to 40 times faster than the general freezing method.

Low temperature sterilization, effectively inhibiting microbial growth:

The gas produced during quick freezing of liquid nitrogen is inert nitrogen, which protects the food by isolating the air during the production process. At the same time, due to the extremely fast freezing speed, the temperature of the food rapidly drops below the normal growth activity temperature of the microorganism, which advantageously inhibits the growth of microorganisms and its biochemical reaction.

High quality food after quick freezing:

Due to the rapid freezing and freezing of liquid nitrogen, the quick freezing time is extremely short, the time for the maximum ice crystal formation zone is less than 5 minutes, and the normal freezing time is more than 190 minutes. Since the rapid freezing does not destroy the cell structure of the food, the water in the cells and in the intercellular space can be simultaneously frozen into numerous fine and uniform ice crystals, so that the cell tissue is not damaged, and the food can be restored to the original freshness after thawing. The state and the original nutrients maintain the original taste and flavor of the food, thus achieving the "original" effect.

Long shelf life:

The fast-frozen foods produced by the quick-frozen tunnel production line have a shelf life of more than three times that of conventional refrigeration equipment.

Safe and environmentally friendly:

It adopts safe and environmentally friendly quick-freezing medium and quick-freezing method, which is easy to operate and has no safety hazards.

Small dry consumption:

Generally, the dry loss rate of freezing is 3 to 6%, and the liquid nitrogen quick freezing can be reduced to 0.25 to 0.5%, which is particularly important for high-priced foods.

Easy to clean, low maintenance costs:

Convenient cleaning to every corner; component failure rate is very low, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

With the quick-freezing tunnel production line, you no longer have to worry about the poor quality of the food due to long storage time, the taste is worse, and the original taste is lost!

Product introduction:

Equipment materials: SUS304 stainless steel inside and outside. Minimum temperature: -196 degrees

Equipment insulation: 150mm thick, high-density multi-layer foaming, excellent thermal insulation performance.

Food delivery: SUS304 food special conveyor belt, speed and elastic can be adjusted automatically.

Equipment size: The tunnel length is 30m and the width varies from 1m to 2.5m. The specific size depends on different design schemes.

Liquid nitrogen control: The German liquid nitrogen circulation atomization spray system is adopted.

Equipment system: It adopts PLC automatic program control system, which is intelligent and easy to operate.

Lifting device: The whole machine can be lifted and lowered for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Air-cooled cycle: The high-power fan is equipped with a reinforced axial fan. The cooling speed is fast and uniform, and the double-locking function is provided at both ends to effectively reduce the leakage of cold air.

Electrical control: Chinese and English subtitles operating system, man-machine interface + PLC automatic program control system + module programmable control, input is easy to learn, one-button operation. With temperature monitoring and alarm function, electrical lock to ensure safe operation of equipment and process

Operating system: Chinese and English operating system; Man-machine interface + PLC automatic program + module programmable control, input is easy to learn, control is intuitive and reliable, pre-enter the quick freezing process, the system will automatically carry out cooling, heat preservation, production and other actions according to the process curve. With temperature monitoring and alarm function, electrical interlocking ensures the safety of equipment and process operation;

Equipment maintenance: The bottom of the machine body has a drain outlet, long life and low consumable design, easy replacement of wearing parts and excellent maintainability.

The liquid nitrogen tunnel type quick-freezing machine is advanced in technology and thoughtful in service. Professional engineers will design different quick-freezing solutions according to the actual situation of different customers, provide tunneling schemes with different capacities and sizes, install and debug on-site, and share the latest research and development with you. Results and quick freezing data.

Advantages of using a quick-frozen tunnel production line:

1. The lowest temperature is -196 °C, the quick freezing time is short, the output per unit time is large, and the efficiency is high!

2, long-term preservation time, good food quality, can maintain the original taste of the food!

3, less dry consumption, no loss of nutrient juice and water, the food after thawing can maintain the "original taste"!

4. The same output has low energy consumption, low cooling loss and low operating cost!

5, man-machine interface + PLC automatic program control system + module programmable control, easy to learn, safe and no hidden dangers!

6, easy to clean and easy to maintain, one-click operation to say goodbye to the cumbersome settings!

7. Less investment, saving more than 30% than the traditional cold storage quick freezing!

8, using liquid nitrogen refrigeration safe and sanitary, no pollution, and can inhibit microbial growth and reproduction!

9, the use of liquid nitrogen frozen food can directly get QS certification!

10, liquid nitrogen is the inert gas after the frozen food, the oxidation-resistant shelf life is more than 3 times that of traditional quick-freezing equipment!

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