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Fruit and vegetable quick freezing tunnel liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine

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◆Using the latest temperature control and liquid nitrogen atomization system, the quality of quick freezing is consistent

◆ Instantly lock water and keep fresh food

◆The product has low dry consumption rate and does not lose the nutrient moisture of the product.

◆ One button lift: easy to clean, easy to disinfect

◆Normal temperature to -196 degrees can be adjusted, suitable for quick freezing and cooling of various ingredients

◆ can be customized


The liquid nitrogen tunnel quick-freezing machine is suitable for large-scale processing and production of food enterprises. It is a simple production line with fast cooling speed, continuous and labor-saving automatic production line, which can be connected with food front-end processing and back-end packaging production. For the compressor refrigeration tunnel, the liquid nitrogen tunnel quick-freezer has the characteristics of small floor space, high production efficiency, small initial investment, high quality of frozen products, and long shelf life!


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