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Tunnel quick freezing machine structure characteristics

First, the overall design:

1. Design the process structure parameters for the frozen product characteristics of the frozen product. The multi-point liquid nitrogen atomization evaporator makes the temperature in the quick freezing room uniform and fully meets the requirements;

2. Optimized combination of evaporator fan, air guiding device, adjustable thermal wave device and bottom plate moving structure, which improves the cold wind stress point and quick freezing rate of frozen products, so that the frozen products are uniformly oriented in the wind and the frozen products are frozen more quickly. , uniform quality;


3. The air guiding device can adjust the wind direction at any time to control the symmetry of the cold air without overflowing; the adjustable windshield heat preservation device controls the feeding height and avoids the loss of cooling capacity; the five-side heat preservation device in the loading and unloading column further utilizes the air-conditioning to make the conveyor belt Operating at low temperatures, improving the low temperature environment of incoming and outgoing materials, and improving efficiency;

4. The library body adopts ultra-thick polyurethane insulation board; the ultra-thick 304 stainless steel anti-collision outer plate; the inspection door is provided with double-strand double-inserted low-temperature resistant aging resistant oil-resistant sealed double rubber strip;


5. The frame structure, bracket, support, platform, air duct sheet, mesh belt, guide rail frame and machine parts in the quick-freezing zone are all made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel (except for speed reducer, motor and other standard parts and special parts);

6, through the long stainless steel ribs to avoid spillage of frozen products; ultra-high molecular polyethylene slides.

7. The whole frozen stainless steel water tray is set in the quick freezing room; the bottom plate is inclined to avoid stagnant water; all corners of the quick freezing machine are easy to clean and maintain; except for the slow running of the mesh belt, other transmission devices are inside the cover, and the cover is easy to dismantle. Install; set emergency stop safety button and safety warning sign; adjust the bottom leg on the floor of the quick-freezer. The structure of the whole machine complies with the safety and hygiene requirements of HACCP, the operation is safe and reliable, and the food is safe and sanitary;


Second, the library:

1. The library is produced, manufactured, installed and accepted according to the JB/9950-2006 standard of "Indoor Assembly Refrigerator" (ZBX99003-86) and "Insulation Sandwich Panel for Combined Cold Storage". The board is made of double-sided stainless steel self-extinguishing flame-retardant polyurethane sandwich insulation board, and the panel is made of SUS304 stainless steel.

2. The self-extinguishing flame retardant rigid polyurethane in the in-situ insulation material meets the following indicators:

The weight requirement is ≥40kg/m3 (the average bulk density of the whole plate is the weight of the random block).

Thermal conductivity ≤0.024w/m.k;

Compressive strength requirements: wall plate, roof plate is 150 ~ 200kpa, ground ≥ 300kpa;

Water absorption rate ≤ 4%; dimensional stability <1% (-30 ° C, 48h); self-extinguishing ≤ 7 seconds.

3. The bond between the stainless steel plate and the polyurethane is firm, and the adhesion between the two should be greater than 98.1 N/cm2.

Third, mechanical transmission:

1. The conveyor belt chain net is made of food grade bright SUS304 spring stainless steel, the mesh surface is flat, and the chain and the shaft are connected and operated flexibly.

2. The friction between the mesh belt and the guide rail is made of ultra-high-polymer wear-resistant polyethylene material, which does not reduce debris and ensure the safety of the frozen product;

3. The feeding platform is equipped with anti-high material over-limit device and adjustable stainless steel wind-proof thermal insulation device; the discharge port platform is equipped with automatic blanking.

4. The transmission drive adopts the frequency conversion reducer, the mesh belt runs the frequency conversion speed regulation, and the quick freezing time is arbitrarily adjusted.

Fourth, the evaporator and defrosting:

1, evaporator evaporation temperature -196 degrees

2. The evaporator is made of stainless steel tube, the airflow is smooth, and the outer shell of the bracket is also made of stainless steel.

3. It is equipped with high-efficiency, energy-saving, low-noise and long-axis axial fan. The air deflector adopts 304 stainless steel, the wind blade is rust-proof aluminum alloy, and the motor is aluminum shell moisture-proof waterproof motor, which runs smoothly.

4, using manual frosting operation, flushing uniform, fast and thorough.

5. Electronic control part:

1. The protection level of all electrical components of the motor and power distribution cabinet is not lower than IP55, and the motor adopts Y2 waterproof and moisture-proof motor.

2, stainless steel electric control cabinet appearance structure is beautiful and firm, the door opening angle ≥ 90 ° components are arranged neatly and securely aligned. Insulation resistance ≥ 2MΩ, 3-phase 5-wire withstand voltage AC380V/50Hz. Display the internal temperature, transmission frequency, start and stop of the fan, set frequency control, operation start and stop button, emergency stop button, standby cold start and stop button and door heating start and stop button.

3. Electrical materials: The main control electrical components mainly use Schneider and joint venture brands.

4, program control: using touch screen + PLC intelligent program control

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